What's the purpose of a CG?  CGs exist to connect to God, to others, and to our community, in order to mature as a follower of Jesus Christ and to live on mission for God. Our goal is to build relationships where we grow and do life together.

What takes place in a CG?  We live as a family by connecting over a meal, discussing the Scriptures from the previous Sunday’s sermon, praying for one another, and hanging out as family.

Who can attend?  CGs are for all peoples - all ages, genders, and spiritual background. We understand that everyone is in different place and on a different pace when it comes to their journey with God. We want to reassure you that no one is perfect; we all have scars from the brokenness of sin. But we are all redeemable because of the grace of God found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

When and where do you meet? We currently have eight regional Connect Groups in the following communities that meet every other week (twice a month) in the following locations below.

1. TUESDAY at 7:00 PM - Fairfax East (Tysons) (light refreshments)

2. WEDNESDAY at 7:00 PM - Fairfax Fair Lakes (starts with dinner)

3. THURSDAY at 6:30 PM - Fairfax Towne Center (starts with dinner)

4. THURSDAY at 6:30 PM - Fairfax Gov’t Center (starts with dinner)

5. FRIDAYS at 6:30 PM - Burke Centre (starts with dinner)

6. FRIDAYS at 6:30 PM - Fairfax City (starts with dinner)

7. FRIDAYS at 6:30 PM - Fairfax West (Chantilly) (starts with dinner)

8. SUNDAYS at 4:30 PM - Fairchase Apartments (light refreshments)

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Equip Groups are are smaller (3-4) same gender groups formed from people from our Connect Groups that meet anytime and anywhere for accountability. Talk to your CG leader to find out how to join a EG.