Kenji Adachi


Kenji is a third-culture kid born in Osaka, Japan and grew up in Greensboro, NC – straddling two cultures and languages. He identified both with “Green Tea” of Japan and “Sweet Tea” of the South. God saved him from his sins and from himself at the age of 16 and called him to ministry in college while involved with Cru, a campus ministry at NC State. However, he spent the next five years in the corporate world to honor his parents before attending seminary. Upon receiving his Masters in Theology, his family moved to Fairfax, VA in 2003 to pastor in a multiethnic church in the Washington DC metro. Kenji has pastored for over 15 years and started All Peoples Community Church on September 18, 2016. 

Kenji is married to Christine, his college sweetheart and they have three children, Charis, Alana, and Derek. They have a multicultural family, as Christine's parents are German immigrants. He is a sports/basketball junkie (Lakers fan way before Lebron), an apostle for the Dallas Cowboys, and has the metabolism of a humming bird.

Teddy Jestakom

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Associate minister

As an Associate Minister at APCC, Teddy’s mission is to declare and demonstrate the gospel of Jesus Christ by shepherding all peoples for the joy of all peoples. A native of Fairfax, he grew up speaking English and Spanish in his home. Teddy did his undergrad at George Mason University, studying Recreational Resources, Health, and Fitness, and completed his Master of Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, 

After realizing he didn’t have to be someone that he wasn’t, he trusted Christ in 2007 upon hearing the Gospel message for the first time while on a mission trip in Honduras. This “someone” was not only addicted to self, but had every ambition to satisfy his worldly desires. It was that message, that Jesus sets us free, and that the good news demands our baggage claim at the cross, that ultimately broke his shackles of living in a world centered on himself. He hopes for others to experience a similar freedom, where in the end, what matters most is embracing the reality that we are His and He is ours, and that there is no better image to bear than the likeness of His son, Jesus Christ, today, tomorrow, and forever more. 

He’s married to his best friend Tiphanie and they have one daughter, Lynlee, and will be expecting their second child in November. He’s honored and humbled to be serving the Lord’s church in Fairfax for the glory of God and the joy of all peoples. 

Greg Gibbs

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Greg feels truly blessed to serve as an Elder, co-leader of the Fairfax – Tysons Connect Group and co-leader of the Prayer Team at APCC.  Greg and his family have been attending APCC since May 2016. 

Born in High Point, NC, Greg has lived in Northern Virginia since 1990.  He and his wife Wendy, who was born and grew up in the Philippines, have been married since 1992.  They reside with their son Joshua and daughter Kaylie in Great Falls. Greg works as an engineer at the U.S. Agency for Global Media. In addition to spending time with his family and friends, Greg enjoys playing/watching sports and serving at APCC.

Greg is grateful that Jesus gave His life willingly so that we can be forgiven and reconciled to the Father through a personal relationship with Him.  Greg has a passion for the gospel and the way that Jesus continues to redeem and restore the broken areas of our lives.  He delights in seeing others grow and mature in their relationship with Jesus and learn to find their identity in Him.

Tongil Lee

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Tongil serves as an Elder, co-leader of the Government Center Connect Group, and worship leader at All Peoples. Tongil joined All Peoples since the very beginning in January 2016 when the church gathered at Pastor Kenji’s house. 

Born in Seoul, Korea, and immigrating to the US in 7th grade, Tongil has been living in Northern Virginia since 1998. Tongil moved into the Carriage Park community in 2016 to live and serve amongst the neighbors around Eagle View Elementary School where the church meets every Sunday. Tongil’s testimony is a story of overcoming financial, cultural, and relational challenges through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Tongil works as a risk management professional in the financial services industry and runs a career coaching business. Tongil enjoys reading, running, and connecting with All Peoples family over coffee. 

Tim Kim


Timothy or Tim Kim, as his friends call him, was born as an American but is more importantly a born again Christian. He grew up and attended various churches in the Northern Virginia area. These included Korean and multiracial & ethnic churches. Although born and raised in a Christian home, it wasn't until after his father's sudden passing away of terminal cancer in 2009 that God took the initiative to convict Tim of his need to repent of his sins and put all of his faith in the substitutionary atoning work completed by the Lord Jesus Christ at the cross. During his seminary years, he learned from a seminary professor & mentor that "For the Christian, the gospel is the center of their life. Believing the gospel is not something we did, it is something we do—daily, moment by moment we live and draw upon the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ". This deeper understanding of his own need for what God has done and continues to do daily leads Tim each day to respond in repentance and faith by loving God and the people in His church. Tim also recognizes the significance of evangelism, not only due to first-hand experiences observing others witnessing to his father but also because "Real disciples make disciples" (Mark Dever).

Tim has close to 4 years of ministry experience from previous churches and a lifelong experience of volunteering in various churches growing up. He holds a bachelors in Bible and Religion and a Master of Divinity from Liberty University School of Divinity.

As a social introvert, he enjoys visiting new places to see what is trending, hanging out with friends, eating good food, watching movies over TV, and watching sports in group settings (if there are food and snacks, that's a plus even though Tim tries to eat healthily and hit the gym). Reading books, Gospel Coalition podcasts and sharing the gospel with strangers and neighbors are also hobbies and passions. He currently lives in Reston with his mother, sister with special needs and their 11-lb dog, Leo the Lion!